Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Returning Prices

Items for sale on Amazon can be sold by more than one seller or merchant. For example, the same camera might be sold by three different merchants or sellers. The following image shows an example where two merchants are selling the same book.

        See the example image for different merchant offers.

Notice that the merchants are selling the same book for different prices. In other examples, the same item might be offered in multiple conditions, such as New and Used.

Any item being sold is associated with an offer. An offer is a combination of price, condition, and vendor. For example, one offer might be Amazon selling the new book for $11.67. Therefore, to find an item's price, you return the offers made by the vendors selling the item.

Offer information is made available by the OfferSummary, Offers, and OfferFull response groups, which can be part of ItemLookup, ItemSearch, and SimilarityLookup requests.