Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Setting Parameter Values

Parameters and Values Are Case-Sensitive

Parameter names and values start with capital letters. If the name or value is a compound word, the beginning of each new word is capitalized, such as BrowseNode or SearchIndex.

The following examples will return errors.

Searchindex=Apparel SearchIndex=apparel

Compound Parameters

Some parameters can be repeated in a request. In the following example, the parameter names are differentiated with a period (.) after the parameter name and then a sequence number.

Item.1=1234& Item.2=2345

Other parameters can be repeated with associated parameters. In the following example, the parameters extend the request with another period and the associated parameter name.

Item.1.ASIN=3456789123& Item.1.Quantity=2

In the following example, the item added to a shopping cart has an ASIN identifier and a quantity value. It appears in the XML response as the following:

<Item> <ASIN>3456789123</ASIN> <Quantity>2</Quantity> </Item>

The sequence number associates the ASIN and its quantity value. The following example shows two compound parameters for two items.

Item.1.ASIN=3456789123& Item.1.Quantity=2& Item.2.ASIN=123456& Item.2.Quantity=1

The same request can be written in a different order.

Item.1.ASIN=3456789123& Item.2.ASIN=123456& Item.1.Quantity=2& Item.2.Quantity=1