Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Variation Dimensions

A variation is a child ASIN. The parent ASIN is an abstraction of the children items. For example, a shirt is a parent ASIN and parent ASINs cannot be sold. A child ASIN would be a blue shirt, size 16, sold by MyApparelStore. This child ASIN is one of potentially many variations. The ways in which variations differ are called dimensions. In the preceding example, size and color are the dimensions. Parent ASINs therefore return two related elements:

  • VariationDimensions

  • VariationDimension

For example:

<VariationDimensions> <VariationDimension>ClothingSize</VariationDimension> <VariationDimension>Color</VariationDimension> </VariationDimensions>

The values returned by these elements are the dimensions listed in the child ASIN’s response, for example:

<Item> ... <ItemAttributes> ... </ItemAttributes> <VariationAttributes> <VariationAttribute> <Name>Color</Name> <Value>Black<Value> </VariationAttribute> <VariationAttribute> <Name>ClothingSize</Name> <Value>Large</Value> </VariationAttribute> </VariationAttributes> ... </Item>

The following lists some of the Product Advertising API variation dimensions:

  • GemType (string)

  • HandOrientation (string)

  • HardwarePlatform (string)

  • PackageQuantity (nonNegativeInteger)

  • ItemDimensions/Length (DecimalWithUnits)

  • ItemDimensions/Width (DecimalWithUnits)

  • LensColor (string)

  • MetalType (string)

  • Model (string)

  • NumberOfLicenses (string)

  • OperatingSystem (string)

  • ProductTypeSubcategory (string)

  • ScentName (string) StyleName (string)

  • TotalDiamondWeight (DecimalWithUnits)

  • TotalGemWeight (DecimalWithUnits)