Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

What Is the Product Advertising API?

The Product Advertising API gives you much of the functionality that you see in action on Amazon's retail web site, That functionality includes:

  • Find items to buy.

    These items are for sale by Amazon or other sellers.

  • Find information about those items.

    Item with an item, the author of a book, or the composer of an album.

  • Get customer reviews of items.

    Show customers how others reviewed the items.

  • Create a fully-functional shopping cart.

    Add items that are immediately available or ones that will become available, such as in a pre-sale of a book.

  • Add, remove, and modify the items in the shopping cart.

    Have full control over the contents of a shopping cart.

  • Get information about the company selling the item.

    Show customers what others think about the merchant selling the item.

  • Find similar items for sale.

    Generate additional sales by suggesting similar items that customers are buying.

  • Purchase the items in the shopping cart.

    When the customer buys an item, Amazon handles the shipping, payment, and order fulfillment, or notifies the seller.