Product Advertising API
Getting Started Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

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API version: 2013-08-01

Latest documentation update: August 1, 2019

Change Description Release Date
Removed CN marketplace

The CN (China) marketplace is removed.

August 1, 2019
Product Advertising API supports IAM user credentials

You can create an IAM user and attach a policy to allow your IAM users permission to use the Product Advertising API. For more information, see Becoming a Product Advertising API Developer.

10 February 2017
Updated Scratchpad tool

Scratchpad now supports all operations and returns sample code responses. Use this tool to generate sample code and help debug your requests.

See the updated Product Advertising API Scratchpad.

8 September 2015
New Marketplace The MX (Mexico) marketplace was added. 25 August 2015
Guide updates We reorganized the guide to make topics easier to discover and to remove redundancy. 1 August 2012
New Marketplace The ES (Spain) marketplace was added. 20 September 2011
New Marketplace updates This guide has been updated to add the CN (China) and IT (Italy) marketplaces. 1 August 2011
Version update This guide has been updated to comply with the latest WSDL. 1 August 2011
Rebranding This guide has been updated to reflect the change in the service's name.
Enhancement Added narrative about how to generate a signed request. For more information, see Submitting Your First Request in Product Advertising API.