AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide

Export Manifest Example

An S3 export job has a set of required options.

This sample Amazon S3 export manifest file includes only the required options.

manifestVersion:2.0 generator:text editor deviceId:ABCDE pinCode:4321 trueCryptPassword:SimpleButEasi1yCrackedEXAMPLE fileSystem:NTFS serviceLevel:expeditedShipping targetDirectory:/ recoveryDirectory:EXPORT-RECOVERY logBucket:ImportExportBucket notificationEmail: operations: - exportBucket: ImportExportBucket returnAddress: name: Jane Roe company: Example Corp. street1: 123 Any Street city: Anytown stateOrProvince: WA postalCode: 91011-1111 phoneNumber: 206-555-1111 country: USA

For a complete list of manifest options, see Manifest File Options Reference. For examples of commonly used manifest options, see Working with Amazon S3 Export Manifests.