AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide

Getting Shipping Information

You use GetShipInfo to get the shipping information for a job. For manifestVersion 3.0 jobs, you get a PDF containing shipping instructions with a unique bar code to identify and authenticate your device.

The GetShipInfo action is not supported for REST requests, and can only be issues using the command line client. The command line client supports GetShipInfo for both manifestVersion 2.0 and manifestVersion 3.0 jobs.

To get shipping information using the command line client

Use the GetShipInfo command.

The following command retrieves the shipping information for the job JOBID.

>java -jar lib/AWSImportExportWebServiceTool-1.0.jar GetShipInfo JOBID

If your manifest file for the original order specified manifestVersion:2.0 , the shipping information is returned in the current window. If your manifest file specified manifestVersion:3.0 the current window displays the path to a PDF file containing your shipping information with some instructions on what to do with the PDF file.