AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide

Getting the Status of Your Jobs

You might like to know if the job is waiting to start, in progress, or completed. For some operations, such as CancelJob and UpdateJob, you might use GetStatus first because jobs cannot be canceled or updated if their status is completed.

When you ship your device, it will be delivered to a sorting facility, and then forwarded on to an AWS data center. When you send a GetStatus command, the status of your job will not show At AWS until the shipment has been received at the AWS data center.


If you need assistance with your AWS Import/Export job, contact AWS Support Center.

GetStatus returns the status of a specified job. You specify a job using the job ID returned in the CreateJob response. Example job statuses are pending, completed, in progress, device error, and expired. For more information about statuses, go to GetStatus. You can only get the status of jobs you own.

To get the status of a job using the command line tool

Use the GetStatus command.

The following command returns the status of the job identified by JOBID.

> java -jar lib/AWSImportExportWebServiceTool-1.0.jar GetStatus JOBID

To get the status of a job using REST

Submit a GetStatus request.

The following request returns the status of the job identified by JOBID.

POST / HTTP/1.1 content-type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8 host: content-length:189 Action=GetStatus&JobId=JOBID&JobType=Import  &SignatureVersion=2&SignatureMethod=HmacSHA256&Version=2010-06-01  &Signature=%2FVfkltRBOoSUi1sWxRzN8rw%3D

AWS Import/Export returns the status of your job and some fields from the manifest. For more information about the API operation, go to GetStatus.