AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide

Generating Your Pre-Paid Shipping Label

This section describes how to generate your pre-paid shipping label for the package you'll send to AWS.

To generate your pre-paid shipping label

  1. AWS provides you with a pre-paid shipping label that must be used when sending your device. To generate this label, after you have created your jobs, use the AWS Import/Export Web Service Tool as in the following example:

    CmdPrompt> java -jar lib/AWSImportExportWebServiceTool-1.0.jar GetShippingLabel


    The example assumes that lib is the directory that contains the AWS Import/Export Web Service Tool. Run the AWS Import/Export Web Service Tool from the directory where it was installed.

    The system prompts you to enter your job ID, name, company, address, and phone number. If your address doesn’t have a postal code, use the placeholder value of 00000. The following is an example of the prompts and fictional values.

    Version: 2012-01-14 Please enter the job ids each separated by comma: 796CK ---Please specify your address--- Enter name (Required): Joe Random Enter company (Required): ACME Anything Enter street1 (Required): 1234 Main St Enter street2 (Optional): Suite 101 Enter street3 (Optional): Enter city (Required): Seattle Enter state or province (Required in US and Canada): WA Enter country (Required): USA Enter postal code (Required): 98101 Enter phone number (Required): 206-100-0000 A prepaid shipping label has been uploaded to

    The shipping label will look similar to the following example.

            Example prepaid shipping label.
  2. Pack your storage device in the package.


    For external hard drives, please make sure to enclose your power supply and any USB or eSATA connectors.

  3. Label each device with a clearly legible JobId.

  4. Cut out the pre-paid shipping label and securely attach it to your package.


If you are having trouble using the pre-paid shipping label, or if you are shipping domestically within Singapore, contact AWS Support Center before shipping your device.