AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide

Working with Amazon S3 Export Manifests

This section gives examples of using export manifest options.

Shipping Internationally

When shipping devices internationally except within the European Union you must include the customs option in the manifest. For more information about the customs related manifest options, see Customs Manifest File Option.

Expediting the Return of Your Storage Device

When returning your device to a U.S. address from a U.S. region bucket, you can use the serviceLevel manifest option to upgrade your shipping. The default serviceLevel option is standard shipping, which includes free ground domestic shipping. When you specify expeditedShipping, your device is delivered using two-day shipping for an additional fee.

Preventing Log File Name Collisions

The logPrefix option defines a string AWS Import/Export inserts between the bucket name and log report name to prevent name collisions. The log file name always ends with the phrase export-log- followed by your JobId.

Example path and file name without logPrefix:

Example path and file name with logPrefix set to logs/:


We do not include a slash (/) automatically. If you don't include the slash at the end of the value for logPrefix, the value is concatenated to the log file name. For example, if your logPrefix is taxonomy and your root directory contains the file phylum.jpg, your key would become taxonomyphylum.jpg instead of taxonomy/phylum.jpg.

logPrefix + export-log-JOBID cannot be longer than 1024 bytes. If it is, AWS Import/Export returns an InvalidManifestField error from the CreateJob action.