AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide

Preparing Your Storage Device for Amazon EBS Import Jobs

The process for preparing your storage device is as follows. Individual steps are described in detail in the following topics.

1 Ensure that your storage device conforms to AWS requirements. For more information, see Storage Device Requirements.

Print the PDF file from the CreateJob response and tape the bar code portion to your device. Be especially careful to attach the right barcode to the right device. You submit a separate job request for each device, and each job request generates a unique barcode.


Attach the signature barcode securely to your device, with tape on all four sides. Do not delete, alter, or obscure the signature barcode in any way. AWS Import/Export uses the signature barcode to validate your storage device before starting the data load. If the signature barcode is separated from your device, we cannot validate it and we will return your device without performing the data load.

3 Generate, print, and attach the pre-paid shipping label to the exterior of your package. See Shipping Your Storage Device for information on how to get your pre-paid shipping label.
4 Pack your power supply, power cable, and interface cables along with your device.


Secure your device within the shipping box to prevent shifting in transit. For example, wrapping your device in bubble wrap will help prevent shifting and give added protection from damage.