AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide

Mailing Your Storage Device

This section contains general guidance on mailing your storage device in a package to AWS. There might be a charge for returning your storage device back to you.

General Considerations for Mailing Your Storage Device

The pre-paid UPS shipping label contains the correct address to ship your storage device to. Your device will be delivered to an AWS sorting facility and then forwarded by Amazon to the AWS data center. Arrange for UPS to pick up your package by calling them directly, or take your package to a UPS package drop off facility to be shipped to AWS. You will not have to pay UPS for the shipping charges, but AWS will add these charges to the fee charged for processing your device.

UPS will only have tracking information to the sorting facility. AWS updates the job status when the package is received by the AWS data center. When you send a GetStatus command, the status of your job will not show At AWS until the shipment has been received at the AWS data center.


If you ship your storage device without using the pre-paid shipping label, AWS Import/Export will return your storage device without performing the job and you will be charged for any applicable return shipping charges and device-handling fees.

International Considerations for Mailing Your Storage Device

If you are shipping internationally, you must fill out the correct customs forms and you must pay all duties and taxes on your shipment.

  • To find the right customs forms for your package, contact UPS Customer Service on the UPS website. Once you have the correct forms, fill them out as instructed by UPS before shipping your package to AWS.


    When sending or receiving storage devices internationally to and from the United States or Singapore, you must include the customs manifest options. A customs manifest is not required for shipments within the EU. For more information, see Customs Manifest File Option.

  • Shipping internationally might involve paying duties and taxes. You are responsible for paying all duties and taxes on your shipment. These duties and taxes are not included in the cost of the pre-paid shipping label. Packages with unpaid duties and/or taxes will be refused upon arrival.

  • Similarly, you must pay all applicable duties and taxes on international returns sent to addresses outside of the United States or Singapore, if your Amazon S3 bucket is located in the US West (N. California) region or the Asia Pacific (Singapore) region. These duties and taxes will be charged directly by the return shipping carrier upon delivery of your package.


To access Amazon S3 buckets or Amazon EBS snapshots that are in the EU (Ireland) region, the shipping device must originate from and be shipped back to a location in the European Union.