AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide

Collecting Files That Have Naming Errors

Amazon S3 object keys might contain characters that are incompatible with the file system you specified in your manifest. When AWS Import/Export exports files to your device, we attempt to remove illegal characters and map the Amazon S3 keys as closely as possible to a file name that is permitted by the file system. If a file name cannot be mapped, the file is copied to a directory named EXPORT-RECOVERY. You can optionally specify a different directory name by specifying the recoveryDirectory option in your export manifest.

Files are written to the recovery directory beginning in a subdirectory named 0000. The files are named sequentially from 0000 to 9999, then a new subdirectory named 0001 is created, and so on. This process continues until one of the following conditions occurs:

  • All files are stored

  • The file system is full

  • 100 million files are written to the recoveryDirectory directory

  • The recoveryDirectory directory exceeds the file system’s maximum file size limit

For example, if your recovery directory is named EXPORT-RECOVERY, your hierarchy of files and directories will look similar to this:

EXPORT-RECOVERY/ 0000/ 0000 0001 … 9999 0001/ … 9999/