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Class: AWS.StaticTokenProvider

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Represents the simplest token provider. It returns a static token string and has an optional expireTime.

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Property Summary

Properties inherited from AWS.Token

token, expireTime, expired, expiryWindow

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needsRefresh, get, getPromise, refreshPromise, refresh

Constructor Details

new AWS.StaticTokenProvider(options) ⇒ void

Creates a new StaticTokenProvider class with a given AWS.StaticTokenProvider.token and optional AWS.StaticTokenProvider.expireTime.

var staticTokenProvider = new AWS.StaticTokenProvider({
  token: 'token'
staticTokenProvider.token == 'token' // from constructor

Options Hash (options):

  • token (String)

    represents the literal token string.

  • expireTime (Date)

    optional field representing the time at which the token expires.