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Interface CertificateAuthority

Contains information about your private certificate authority (CA). Your private CA can issue and revoke X.509 digital certificates. Digital certificates verify that the entity named in the certificate Subject field owns or controls the public key contained in the Subject Public Key Info field. Call the CreateCertificateAuthority action to create your private CA. You must then call the GetCertificateAuthorityCertificate action to retrieve a private CA certificate signing request (CSR). Sign the CSR with your Amazon Web Services Private CA-hosted or on-premises root or subordinate CA certificate. Call the ImportCertificateAuthorityCertificate action to import the signed certificate into Certificate Manager (ACM).


  • CertificateAuthority



Optional Arn

Arn: undefined | string

Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for your private certificate authority (CA). The format is 12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012 .

Optional CertificateAuthorityConfiguration

CertificateAuthorityConfiguration: CertificateAuthorityConfiguration

Your private CA configuration.

Optional CreatedAt

CreatedAt: Date

Date and time at which your private CA was created.

Optional FailureReason

FailureReason: FailureReason | string

Reason the request to create your private CA failed.

Optional KeyStorageSecurityStandard

KeyStorageSecurityStandard: KeyStorageSecurityStandard | string

Defines a cryptographic key management compliance standard used for handling CA keys.

Default: FIPS_140_2_LEVEL_3_OR_HIGHER

Note: Amazon Web Services Region ap-northeast-3 supports only FIPS_140_2_LEVEL_2_OR_HIGHER. You must explicitly specify this parameter and value when creating a CA in that Region. Specifying a different value (or no value) results in an InvalidArgsException with the message "A certificate authority cannot be created in this region with the specified security standard."

Optional LastStateChangeAt

LastStateChangeAt: Date

Date and time at which your private CA was last updated.

Optional NotAfter

NotAfter: Date

Date and time after which your private CA certificate is not valid.

Optional NotBefore

NotBefore: Date

Date and time before which your private CA certificate is not valid.

Optional OwnerAccount

OwnerAccount: undefined | string

The Amazon Web Services account ID that owns the certificate authority.

Optional RestorableUntil

RestorableUntil: Date

The period during which a deleted CA can be restored. For more information, see the PermanentDeletionTimeInDays parameter of the DeleteCertificateAuthorityRequest action.

Optional RevocationConfiguration

RevocationConfiguration: RevocationConfiguration

Information about the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) configuration or certificate revocation list (CRL) created and maintained by your private CA.

Optional Serial

Serial: undefined | string

Serial number of your private CA.

Optional Status

Status of your private CA.

Optional Type

Type of your private CA.

Optional UsageMode

UsageMode: CertificateAuthorityUsageMode | string

Specifies whether the CA issues general-purpose certificates that typically require a revocation mechanism, or short-lived certificates that may optionally omit revocation because they expire quickly. Short-lived certificate validity is limited to seven days.

The default value is GENERAL_PURPOSE.