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Interface RevocationConfiguration

Certificate revocation information used by the CreateCertificateAuthority and UpdateCertificateAuthority actions. Your private certificate authority (CA) can configure Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) support and/or maintain a certificate revocation list (CRL). OCSP returns validation information about certificates as requested by clients, and a CRL contains an updated list of certificates revoked by your CA. For more information, see RevokeCertificate and Setting up a certificate revocation method in the Amazon Web Services Private Certificate Authority User Guide.


  • RevocationConfiguration



Optional CrlConfiguration

CrlConfiguration: CrlConfiguration

Configuration of the certificate revocation list (CRL), if any, maintained by your private CA. A CRL is typically updated approximately 30 minutes after a certificate is revoked. If for any reason a CRL update fails, Amazon Web Services Private CA makes further attempts every 15 minutes.

Optional OcspConfiguration

OcspConfiguration: OcspConfiguration

Configuration of Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) support, if any, maintained by your private CA. When you revoke a certificate, OCSP responses may take up to 60 minutes to reflect the new status.