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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface UpdateCertificateAuthorityCommandInputProtected



CertificateAuthorityArn: undefined | string

Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the private CA that issued the certificate to be revoked. This must be of the form:


RevocationConfiguration?: RevocationConfiguration

Contains information to enable Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) support, to enable a certificate revocation list (CRL), to enable both, or to enable neither. If this parameter is not supplied, existing capibilites remain unchanged. For more information, see the OcspConfiguration and CrlConfiguration types.

The following requirements apply to revocation configurations.

  • A configuration disabling CRLs or OCSP must contain only the Enabled=False parameter, and will fail if other parameters such as CustomCname or ExpirationInDays are included.

  • In a CRL configuration, the S3BucketName parameter must conform to Amazon S3 bucket naming rules.

  • A configuration containing a custom Canonical Name (CNAME) parameter for CRLs or OCSP must conform to RFC2396 restrictions on the use of special characters in a CNAME.

  • In a CRL or OCSP configuration, the value of a CNAME parameter must not include a protocol prefix such as "http://" or "https://".

Status of your private CA.