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Interface EndpointInputConfig<T>

Endpoint config interfaces and resolver for Endpoint v2. They live in separate package to allow per-service onboarding. When all services onboard Endpoint v2, the resolver in config-resolver package can be removed. This interface includes all the endpoint parameters with built-in bindings of "AWS::" and "SDK::"

Type parameters


  • EndpointInputConfig



Optional endpoint

The fully qualified endpoint of the webservice. This is only for using a custom endpoint (for example, when using a local version of S3). Endpoint transformations such as S3 applying a bucket to the hostname are still applicable to this custom endpoint.

Optional endpointProvider

endpointProvider: undefined | ((params: T, context?: undefined | { logger?: Logger }) => EndpointV2)

Providing a custom endpointProvider will override built-in transformations of the endpoint such as S3 adding the bucket name to the hostname, since they are part of the default endpointProvider.

Optional tls

tls: undefined | false | true

Whether TLS is enabled for requests.


Optional useDualstackEndpoint

useDualstackEndpoint: boolean | Provider<boolean>

Enables IPv6/IPv4 dualstack endpoint.

Optional useFipsEndpoint

useFipsEndpoint: boolean | Provider<boolean>

Enables FIPS compatible endpoints.