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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface CreateBranchCommandInputProtected

The input for CreateBranchCommand.



appId: undefined | string

The unique ID for an Amplify app.

backendEnvironmentArn?: string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for a backend environment that is part of an Amplify app.

basicAuthCredentials?: string

The basic authorization credentials for the branch. You must base64-encode the authorization credentials and provide them in the format user:password.

branchName: undefined | string

The name for the branch.

buildSpec?: string

The build specification (build spec) for the branch.

description?: string

The description for the branch.

displayName?: string

The display name for a branch. This is used as the default domain prefix.

enableAutoBuild?: boolean

Enables auto building for the branch.

enableBasicAuth?: boolean

Enables basic authorization for the branch.

enableNotification?: boolean

Enables notifications for the branch.

enablePerformanceMode?: boolean

Enables performance mode for the branch.

Performance mode optimizes for faster hosting performance by keeping content cached at the edge for a longer interval. When performance mode is enabled, hosting configuration or code changes can take up to 10 minutes to roll out.

enablePullRequestPreview?: boolean

Enables pull request previews for this branch.

environmentVariables?: Record<string, string>

The environment variables for the branch.

framework?: string

The framework for the branch.

pullRequestEnvironmentName?: string

The Amplify environment name for the pull request.

stage?: string

Describes the current stage for the branch.

tags?: Record<string, string>

The tag for the branch.

ttl?: string

The content Time To Live (TTL) for the website in seconds.