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Interface Stage

Represents an API stage.


  • Stage



Optional AccessLogSettings

AccessLogSettings: AccessLogSettings

Settings for logging access in this stage.

Optional ApiGatewayManaged

ApiGatewayManaged: undefined | false | true

Specifies whether a stage is managed by API Gateway. If you created an API using quick create, the $default stage is managed by API Gateway. You can't modify the $default stage.

Optional AutoDeploy

AutoDeploy: undefined | false | true

Specifies whether updates to an API automatically trigger a new deployment. The default value is false.

Optional ClientCertificateId

ClientCertificateId: undefined | string

The identifier of a client certificate for a Stage. Supported only for WebSocket APIs.

Optional CreatedDate

CreatedDate: Date

The timestamp when the stage was created.

Optional DefaultRouteSettings

DefaultRouteSettings: RouteSettings

Default route settings for the stage.

Optional DeploymentId

DeploymentId: undefined | string

The identifier of the Deployment that the Stage is associated with. Can't be updated if autoDeploy is enabled.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

The description of the stage.

Optional LastDeploymentStatusMessage

LastDeploymentStatusMessage: undefined | string

Describes the status of the last deployment of a stage. Supported only for stages with autoDeploy enabled.

Optional LastUpdatedDate

LastUpdatedDate: Date

The timestamp when the stage was last updated.

Optional RouteSettings

RouteSettings: Record<string, RouteSettings>

Route settings for the stage, by routeKey.


StageName: string | undefined

The name of the stage.

Optional StageVariables

StageVariables: Record<string, string>

A map that defines the stage variables for a stage resource. Variable names can have alphanumeric and underscore characters, and the values must match [A-Za-z0-9-._~:/?#&=,]+.

Optional Tags

Tags: Record<string, string>

The collection of tags. Each tag element is associated with a given resource.