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Interface DeploymentStrategy




Optional DeploymentDurationInMinutes

DeploymentDurationInMinutes: undefined | number

Total amount of time the deployment lasted.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

The description of the deployment strategy.

Optional FinalBakeTimeInMinutes

FinalBakeTimeInMinutes: undefined | number

The amount of time that AppConfig monitored for alarms before considering the deployment to be complete and no longer eligible for automatic rollback.

Optional GrowthFactor

GrowthFactor: undefined | number

The percentage of targets that received a deployed configuration during each interval.

Optional GrowthType

GrowthType: GrowthType | string

The algorithm used to define how percentage grew over time.

Optional Id

Id: undefined | string

The deployment strategy ID.

Optional Name

Name: undefined | string

The name of the deployment strategy.

Optional ReplicateTo

ReplicateTo: ReplicateTo | string

Save the deployment strategy to a Systems Manager (SSM) document.