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Interface GetDeploymentCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional ApplicationId

ApplicationId: undefined | string

The ID of the application that was deployed.

Optional AppliedExtensions

AppliedExtensions: AppliedExtension[]

A list of extensions that were processed as part of the deployment. The extensions that were previously associated to the configuration profile, environment, or the application when StartDeployment was called.

Optional CompletedAt

CompletedAt: Date

The time the deployment completed.

Optional ConfigurationLocationUri

ConfigurationLocationUri: undefined | string

Information about the source location of the configuration.

Optional ConfigurationName

ConfigurationName: undefined | string

The name of the configuration.

Optional ConfigurationProfileId

ConfigurationProfileId: undefined | string

The ID of the configuration profile that was deployed.

Optional ConfigurationVersion

ConfigurationVersion: undefined | string

The configuration version that was deployed.

Optional DeploymentDurationInMinutes

DeploymentDurationInMinutes: undefined | number

Total amount of time the deployment lasted.

Optional DeploymentNumber

DeploymentNumber: undefined | number

The sequence number of the deployment.

Optional DeploymentStrategyId

DeploymentStrategyId: undefined | string

The ID of the deployment strategy that was deployed.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

The description of the deployment.

Optional EnvironmentId

EnvironmentId: undefined | string

The ID of the environment that was deployed.

Optional EventLog

EventLog: DeploymentEvent[]

A list containing all events related to a deployment. The most recent events are displayed first.

Optional FinalBakeTimeInMinutes

FinalBakeTimeInMinutes: undefined | number

The amount of time that AppConfig monitored for alarms before considering the deployment to be complete and no longer eligible for automatic rollback.

Optional GrowthFactor

GrowthFactor: undefined | number

The percentage of targets to receive a deployed configuration during each interval.

Optional GrowthType

GrowthType: GrowthType | string

The algorithm used to define how percentage grew over time.

Optional PercentageComplete

PercentageComplete: undefined | number

The percentage of targets for which the deployment is available.

Optional StartedAt

StartedAt: Date

The time the deployment started.

Optional State

State: DeploymentState | string

The state of the deployment.