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New API Documentation - Developer Preview Available

We are excited to announce the developer preview of our new API documentation for AWS SDK for JavaScript v3. Please follow instructions on the landing page to leave us your feedback.

Interface StartDeploymentRequest



ApplicationId: undefined | string

The application ID.

ConfigurationProfileId: undefined | string

The configuration profile ID.

ConfigurationVersion: undefined | string

The configuration version to deploy. If deploying an AppConfig hosted configuration version, you can specify either the version number or version label.

DeploymentStrategyId: undefined | string

The deployment strategy ID.

Description?: string

A description of the deployment.

EnvironmentId: undefined | string

The environment ID.

KmsKeyIdentifier?: string

The KMS key identifier (key ID, key alias, or key ARN). AppConfig uses this ID to encrypt the configuration data using a customer managed key.

Tags?: Record<string, string>

Metadata to assign to the deployment. Tags help organize and categorize your AppConfig resources. Each tag consists of a key and an optional value, both of which you define.