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Interface CreateFunctionCommandInput





apiId: string | undefined

The GraphQL API ID.

Optional code

code: undefined | string

The function code that contains the request and response functions. When code is used, the runtime is required. The runtime value must be APPSYNC_JS.


dataSourceName: string | undefined

The Function DataSource name.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

The Function description.

Optional functionVersion

functionVersion: undefined | string

The version of the request mapping template. Currently, the supported value is 2018-05-29. Note that when using VTL and mapping templates, the functionVersion is required.

Optional maxBatchSize

maxBatchSize: undefined | number

The maximum batching size for a resolver.


name: string | undefined

The Function name. The function name does not have to be unique.

Optional requestMappingTemplate

requestMappingTemplate: undefined | string

The Function request mapping template. Functions support only the 2018-05-29 version of the request mapping template.

Optional responseMappingTemplate

responseMappingTemplate: undefined | string

The Function response mapping template.

Optional runtime

Describes a runtime used by an AWS AppSync pipeline resolver or AWS AppSync function. Specifies the name and version of the runtime to use. Note that if a runtime is specified, code must also be specified.

Optional syncConfig

syncConfig: SyncConfig

Describes a Sync configuration for a resolver.

Specifies which Conflict Detection strategy and Resolution strategy to use when the resolver is invoked.