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Interface UpdateResolverRequest





apiId: string | undefined


Optional cachingConfig

cachingConfig: CachingConfig

The caching configuration for the resolver.

Optional code

code: undefined | string

The resolver code that contains the request and response functions. When code is used, the runtime is required. The runtime value must be APPSYNC_JS.

Optional dataSourceName

dataSourceName: undefined | string

The new data source name.


fieldName: string | undefined

The new field name.

Optional kind

kind: ResolverKind | string

The resolver type.

  • UNIT: A UNIT resolver type. A UNIT resolver is the default resolver type. You can use a UNIT resolver to run a GraphQL query against a single data source.

  • PIPELINE: A PIPELINE resolver type. You can use a PIPELINE resolver to invoke a series of Function objects in a serial manner. You can use a pipeline resolver to run a GraphQL query against multiple data sources.

Optional maxBatchSize

maxBatchSize: undefined | number

The maximum batching size for a resolver.

Optional pipelineConfig

pipelineConfig: PipelineConfig

The PipelineConfig.

Optional requestMappingTemplate

requestMappingTemplate: undefined | string

The new request mapping template.

A resolver uses a request mapping template to convert a GraphQL expression into a format that a data source can understand. Mapping templates are written in Apache Velocity Template Language (VTL).

VTL request mapping templates are optional when using an Lambda data source. For all other data sources, VTL request and response mapping templates are required.

Optional responseMappingTemplate

responseMappingTemplate: undefined | string

The new response mapping template.

Optional runtime

Describes a runtime used by an AWS AppSync pipeline resolver or AWS AppSync function. Specifies the name and version of the runtime to use. Note that if a runtime is specified, code must also be specified.

Optional syncConfig

syncConfig: SyncConfig

The SyncConfig for a resolver attached to a versioned data source.


typeName: string | undefined

The new type name.