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Namespace ApiCache

The ApiCache object.



Optional apiCachingBehavior

apiCachingBehavior: ApiCachingBehavior | string

Caching behavior.

  • FULL_REQUEST_CACHING: All requests are fully cached.

  • PER_RESOLVER_CACHING: Individual resolvers that you specify are cached.

Optional atRestEncryptionEnabled

atRestEncryptionEnabled: undefined | false | true

At-rest encryption flag for cache. You cannot update this setting after creation.

Optional status

status: ApiCacheStatus | string

The cache instance status.

  • AVAILABLE: The instance is available for use.

  • CREATING: The instance is currently creating.

  • DELETING: The instance is currently deleting.

  • MODIFYING: The instance is currently modifying.

  • FAILED: The instance has failed creation.

Optional transitEncryptionEnabled

transitEncryptionEnabled: undefined | false | true

Transit encryption flag when connecting to cache. You cannot update this setting after creation.

Optional ttl

ttl: undefined | number

TTL in seconds for cache entries.

Valid values are 1–3,600 seconds.

Optional type

type: ApiCacheType | string

The cache instance type. Valid values are





  • LARGE_2X

  • LARGE_4X

  • LARGE_8X (not available in all regions)

  • LARGE_12X

Historically, instance types were identified by an EC2-style value. As of July 2020, this is deprecated, and the generic identifiers above should be used.

The following legacy instance types are available, but their use is discouraged:

  • T2_SMALL: A t2.small instance type.

  • T2_MEDIUM: A t2.medium instance type.

  • R4_LARGE: A r4.large instance type.

  • R4_XLARGE: A r4.xlarge instance type.

  • R4_2XLARGE: A r4.2xlarge instance type.

  • R4_4XLARGE: A r4.4xlarge instance type.

  • R4_8XLARGE: A r4.8xlarge instance type.