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Namespace SyncConfig

Describes a Sync configuration for a resolver.

Specifies which Conflict Detection strategy and Resolution strategy to use when the resolver is invoked.



Optional conflictDetection

conflictDetection: ConflictDetectionType | string

The Conflict Detection strategy to use.

  • VERSION: Detect conflicts based on object versions for this resolver.

  • NONE: Do not detect conflicts when invoking this resolver.

Optional conflictHandler

conflictHandler: ConflictHandlerType | string

The Conflict Resolution strategy to perform in the event of a conflict.

  • OPTIMISTIC_CONCURRENCY: Resolve conflicts by rejecting mutations when versions don't match the latest version at the server.

  • AUTOMERGE: Resolve conflicts with the Automerge conflict resolution strategy.

  • LAMBDA: Resolve conflicts with an Lambda function supplied in the LambdaConflictHandlerConfig.

Optional lambdaConflictHandlerConfig

lambdaConflictHandlerConfig: LambdaConflictHandlerConfig

The LambdaConflictHandlerConfig when configuring LAMBDA as the Conflict Handler.