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Interface CreateJobCommandInput





algorithmSpecification: AlgorithmSpecification | undefined

Definition of the Amazon Braket job to be created. Specifies the container image the job uses and information about the Python scripts used for entry and training.

Optional checkpointConfig

checkpointConfig: JobCheckpointConfig

Information about the output locations for job checkpoint data.

Optional clientToken

clientToken: undefined | string

A unique token that guarantees that the call to this API is idempotent.


deviceConfig: DeviceConfig | undefined

The quantum processing unit (QPU) or simulator used to create an Amazon Braket job.

Optional hyperParameters

hyperParameters: Record<string, string>

Algorithm-specific parameters used by an Amazon Braket job that influence the quality of the training job. The values are set with a string of JSON key:value pairs, where the key is the name of the hyperparameter and the value is the value of th hyperparameter.

Optional inputDataConfig

inputDataConfig: InputFileConfig[]

A list of parameters that specify the name and type of input data and where it is located.


instanceConfig: InstanceConfig | undefined

Configuration of the resource instances to use while running the hybrid job on Amazon Braket.


jobName: string | undefined

The name of the Amazon Braket job.


outputDataConfig: JobOutputDataConfig | undefined

The path to the S3 location where you want to store job artifacts and the encryption key used to store them.


roleArn: string | undefined

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of an IAM role that Amazon Braket can assume to perform tasks on behalf of a user. It can access user resources, run an Amazon Braket job container on behalf of user, and output resources to the users' s3 buckets.

Optional stoppingCondition

stoppingCondition: JobStoppingCondition

The user-defined criteria that specifies when a job stops running.

Optional tags

tags: Record<string, string>

A tag object that consists of a key and an optional value, used to manage metadata for Amazon Braket resources.