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Interface Cluster

Contains information about an AWS CloudHSM cluster.


  • Cluster



Optional BackupPolicy

BackupPolicy: BackupPolicy | string

The cluster's backup policy.

Optional BackupRetentionPolicy

BackupRetentionPolicy: BackupRetentionPolicy

A policy that defines how the service retains backups.

Optional Certificates

Certificates: Certificates

Contains one or more certificates or a certificate signing request (CSR).

Optional ClusterId

ClusterId: undefined | string

The cluster's identifier (ID).

Optional CreateTimestamp

CreateTimestamp: Date

The date and time when the cluster was created.

Optional HsmType

HsmType: undefined | string

The type of HSM that the cluster contains.

Optional Hsms

Hsms: Hsm[]

Contains information about the HSMs in the cluster.

Optional PreCoPassword

PreCoPassword: undefined | string

The default password for the cluster's Pre-Crypto Officer (PRECO) user.

Optional SecurityGroup

SecurityGroup: undefined | string

The identifier (ID) of the cluster's security group.

Optional SourceBackupId

SourceBackupId: undefined | string

The identifier (ID) of the backup used to create the cluster. This value exists only when the cluster was created from a backup.

Optional State

State: ClusterState | string

The cluster's state.

Optional StateMessage

StateMessage: undefined | string

A description of the cluster's state.

Optional SubnetMapping

SubnetMapping: Record<string, string>

A map from availability zone to the cluster’s subnet in that availability zone.

Optional TagList

TagList: Tag[]

The list of tags for the cluster.

Optional VpcId

VpcId: undefined | string

The identifier (ID) of the virtual private cloud (VPC) that contains the cluster.