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Interface TextArrayOptions

Options for a field that contains an array of text strings. Present if IndexFieldType specifies the field is of type text-array. A text-array field is always searchable. All options are enabled by default.


  • TextArrayOptions



Optional AnalysisScheme

AnalysisScheme: undefined | string

The name of an analysis scheme for a text-array field.

Optional DefaultValue

DefaultValue: undefined | string

A value to use for the field if the field isn't specified for a document.

Optional HighlightEnabled

HighlightEnabled: undefined | false | true

Whether highlights can be returned for the field.

Optional ReturnEnabled

ReturnEnabled: undefined | false | true

Whether the contents of the field can be returned in the search results.

Optional SourceFields

SourceFields: undefined | string

A list of source fields to map to the field.