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Interface DescribeArchiveCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional ArchiveArn

ArchiveArn: undefined | string

The ARN of the archive.

Optional ArchiveName

ArchiveName: undefined | string

The name of the archive.

Optional CreationTime

CreationTime: Date

The time at which the archive was created.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

The description of the archive.

Optional EventCount

EventCount: undefined | number

The number of events in the archive.

Optional EventPattern

EventPattern: undefined | string

The event pattern used to filter events sent to the archive.

Optional EventSourceArn

EventSourceArn: undefined | string

The ARN of the event source associated with the archive.

Optional RetentionDays

RetentionDays: undefined | number

The number of days to retain events for in the archive.

Optional SizeBytes

SizeBytes: undefined | number

The size of the archive in bytes.

Optional State

State: ArchiveState | string

The state of the archive.

Optional StateReason

StateReason: undefined | string

The reason that the archive is in the state.