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Interface DescribeAlarmHistoryCommandInput




Optional AlarmName

AlarmName: undefined | string

The name of the alarm.

Optional AlarmTypes

AlarmTypes: (AlarmType | string)[]

Use this parameter to specify whether you want the operation to return metric alarms or composite alarms. If you omit this parameter, only metric alarms are returned.

Optional EndDate

EndDate: Date

The ending date to retrieve alarm history.

Optional HistoryItemType

HistoryItemType: HistoryItemType | string

The type of alarm histories to retrieve.

Optional MaxRecords

MaxRecords: undefined | number

The maximum number of alarm history records to retrieve.

Optional NextToken

NextToken: undefined | string

The token returned by a previous call to indicate that there is more data available.

Optional ScanBy

ScanBy: ScanBy | string

Specified whether to return the newest or oldest alarm history first. Specify TimestampDescending to have the newest event history returned first, and specify TimestampAscending to have the oldest history returned first.

Optional StartDate

StartDate: Date

The starting date to retrieve alarm history.