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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface ConfigureAgentCommandInputProtected

The input for ConfigureAgentCommand.



fleetInstanceId?: string

A universally unique identifier (UUID) for a profiling instance. For example, if the profiling instance is an Amazon EC2 instance, it is the instance ID. If it is an AWS Fargate container, it is the container's task ID.

metadata?: Partial<Record<MetadataField, string>>

Metadata captured about the compute platform the agent is running on. It includes information about sampling and reporting. The valid fields are:

  • COMPUTE_PLATFORM - The compute platform on which the agent is running

  • AGENT_ID - The ID for an agent instance.

  • AWS_REQUEST_ID - The AWS request ID of a Lambda invocation.

  • EXECUTION_ENVIRONMENT - The execution environment a Lambda function is running on.

  • LAMBDA_FUNCTION_ARN - The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) that is used to invoke a Lambda function.

  • LAMBDA_MEMORY_LIMIT_IN_MB - The memory allocated to a Lambda function.

  • LAMBDA_REMAINING_TIME_IN_MILLISECONDS - The time in milliseconds before execution of a Lambda function times out.

  • LAMBDA_TIME_GAP_BETWEEN_INVOKES_IN_MILLISECONDS - The time in milliseconds between two invocations of a Lambda function.

  • LAMBDA_PREVIOUS_EXECUTION_TIME_IN_MILLISECONDS - The time in milliseconds for the previous Lambda invocation.

profilingGroupName: undefined | string

The name of the profiling group for which the configured agent is collecting profiling data.