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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface ListProfilingGroupsCommandInputProtected



includeDescription?: boolean

A Boolean value indicating whether to include a description. If true, then a list of ProfilingGroupDescription objects that contain detailed information about profiling groups is returned. If false, then a list of profiling group names is returned.

maxResults?: number

The maximum number of profiling groups results returned by ListProfilingGroups in paginated output. When this parameter is used, ListProfilingGroups only returns maxResults results in a single page along with a nextToken response element. The remaining results of the initial request can be seen by sending another ListProfilingGroups request with the returned nextToken value.

nextToken?: string

The nextToken value returned from a previous paginated ListProfilingGroups request where maxResults was used and the results exceeded the value of that parameter. Pagination continues from the end of the previous results that returned the nextToken value.

This token should be treated as an opaque identifier that is only used to retrieve the next items in a list and not for other programmatic purposes.