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Interface PutPermissionCommandInputProtected

The input for PutPermissionCommand.



actionGroup: undefined | string

Specifies an action group that contains permissions to add to a profiling group resource. One action group is supported, agentPermissions, which grants permission to perform actions required by the profiling agent, ConfigureAgent and PostAgentProfile permissions.

principals: undefined | string[]

A list ARNs for the roles and users you want to grant access to the profiling group. Wildcards are not are supported in the ARNs.

profilingGroupName: undefined | string

The name of the profiling group to grant access to.

revisionId?: string

A universally unique identifier (UUID) for the revision of the policy you are adding to the profiling group. Do not specify this when you add permissions to a profiling group for the first time. If a policy already exists on the profiling group, you must specify the revisionId.