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Interface ActionExecutionInput

Input information used for an action execution.


  • ActionExecutionInput



Optional actionTypeId

actionTypeId: ActionTypeId

Represents information about an action type.

Optional configuration

configuration: Record<string, string>

Configuration data for an action execution.

Optional inputArtifacts

inputArtifacts: ArtifactDetail[]

Details of input artifacts of the action that correspond to the action execution.

Optional namespace

namespace: undefined | string

The variable namespace associated with the action. All variables produced as output by this action fall under this namespace.

Optional region

region: undefined | string

The AWS Region for the action, such as us-east-1.

Optional resolvedConfiguration

resolvedConfiguration: Record<string, string>

Configuration data for an action execution with all variable references replaced with their real values for the execution.

Optional roleArn

roleArn: undefined | string

The ARN of the IAM service role that performs the declared action. This is assumed through the roleArn for the pipeline.