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New API Documentation - Developer Preview Available

We are excited to announce the developer preview of our new API documentation for AWS SDK for JavaScript v3. Please follow instructions on the landing page to leave us your feedback.

The S3 bucket where artifacts for the pipeline are stored.

You must include either artifactStore or artifactStores in your pipeline, but you cannot use both. If you create a cross-region action in your pipeline, you must use artifactStores.


  • ArtifactStore


encryptionKey?: EncryptionKey

The encryption key used to encrypt the data in the artifact store, such as an Amazon Web Services Key Management Service key. If this is undefined, the default key for Amazon S3 is used.

location: undefined | string

The S3 bucket used for storing the artifacts for a pipeline. You can specify the name of an S3 bucket but not a folder in the bucket. A folder to contain the pipeline artifacts is created for you based on the name of the pipeline. You can use any S3 bucket in the same Amazon Web Services Region as the pipeline to store your pipeline artifacts.

type: undefined | string

The type of the artifact store, such as S3.