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Interface JobData

Represents other information about a job required for a job worker to complete the job.


  • JobData



Optional actionConfiguration

actionConfiguration: ActionConfiguration

Represents information about an action configuration.

Optional actionTypeId

actionTypeId: ActionTypeId

Represents information about an action type.

Optional artifactCredentials

artifactCredentials: AWSSessionCredentials

Represents an AWS session credentials object. These credentials are temporary credentials that are issued by AWS Secure Token Service (STS). They can be used to access input and output artifacts in the S3 bucket used to store artifacts for the pipeline in AWS CodePipeline.

Optional continuationToken

continuationToken: undefined | string

A system-generated token, such as a AWS CodeDeploy deployment ID, required by a job to continue the job asynchronously.

Optional encryptionKey

encryptionKey: EncryptionKey

Represents information about the key used to encrypt data in the artifact store, such as an AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) key.

Optional inputArtifacts

inputArtifacts: Artifact[]

The artifact supplied to the job.

Optional outputArtifacts

outputArtifacts: Artifact[]

The output of the job.

Optional pipelineContext

pipelineContext: PipelineContext

Represents information about a pipeline to a job worker.

Includes pipelineArn and pipelineExecutionId for custom jobs.