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Interface ListWebhookItem

The detail returned for each webhook after listing webhooks, such as the webhook URL, the webhook name, and the webhook ARN.


  • ListWebhookItem



Optional arn

arn: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the webhook.


definition: WebhookDefinition | undefined

The detail returned for each webhook, such as the webhook authentication type and filter rules.

Optional errorCode

errorCode: undefined | string

The number code of the error.

Optional errorMessage

errorMessage: undefined | string

The text of the error message about the webhook.

Optional lastTriggered

lastTriggered: Date

The date and time a webhook was last successfully triggered, in timestamp format.

Optional tags

tags: Tag[]

Specifies the tags applied to the webhook.


url: string | undefined

A unique URL generated by CodePipeline. When a POST request is made to this URL, the defined pipeline is started as long as the body of the post request satisfies the defined authentication and filtering conditions. Deleting and re-creating a webhook makes the old URL invalid and generates a new one.