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Interface PutJobSuccessResultInput

Represents the input of a PutJobSuccessResult action.




Optional continuationToken

continuationToken: undefined | string

A token generated by a job worker, such as an AWS CodeDeploy deployment ID, that a successful job provides to identify a custom action in progress. Future jobs use this token to identify the running instance of the action. It can be reused to return more information about the progress of the custom action. When the action is complete, no continuation token should be supplied.

Optional currentRevision

currentRevision: CurrentRevision

The ID of the current revision of the artifact successfully worked on by the job.

Optional executionDetails

executionDetails: ExecutionDetails

The execution details of the successful job, such as the actions taken by the job worker.


jobId: string | undefined

The unique system-generated ID of the job that succeeded. This is the same ID returned from PollForJobs.

Optional outputVariables

outputVariables: Record<string, string>

Key-value pairs produced as output by a job worker that can be made available to a downstream action configuration. outputVariables can be included only when there is no continuation token on the request.