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Interface CreateProfileRequest




Optional AccountNumber

AccountNumber: undefined | string

A unique account number that you have given to the customer.

Optional AdditionalInformation

AdditionalInformation: undefined | string

Any additional information relevant to the customer’s profile.

Optional Address

Address: Address

A generic address associated with the customer that is not mailing, shipping, or billing.

Optional Attributes

Attributes: Record<string, string>

A key value pair of attributes of a customer profile.

Optional BillingAddress

BillingAddress: Address

The customer’s billing address.

Optional BirthDate

BirthDate: undefined | string

The customer’s birth date.

Optional BusinessEmailAddress

BusinessEmailAddress: undefined | string

The customer’s business email address.

Optional BusinessName

BusinessName: undefined | string

The name of the customer’s business.

Optional BusinessPhoneNumber

BusinessPhoneNumber: undefined | string

The customer’s business phone number.


DomainName: string | undefined

The unique name of the domain.

Optional EmailAddress

EmailAddress: undefined | string

The customer’s email address, which has not been specified as a personal or business address.

Optional FirstName

FirstName: undefined | string

The customer’s first name.

Optional Gender

Gender: Gender | string

The gender with which the customer identifies.

Optional GenderString

GenderString: undefined | string

An alternative to Gender which accepts any string as input.

Optional HomePhoneNumber

HomePhoneNumber: undefined | string

The customer’s home phone number.

Optional LastName

LastName: undefined | string

The customer’s last name.

Optional MailingAddress

MailingAddress: Address

The customer’s mailing address.

Optional MiddleName

MiddleName: undefined | string

The customer’s middle name.

Optional MobilePhoneNumber

MobilePhoneNumber: undefined | string

The customer’s mobile phone number.

Optional PartyType

PartyType: PartyType | string

The type of profile used to describe the customer.

Optional PartyTypeString

PartyTypeString: undefined | string

An alternative to PartyType which accepts any string as input.

Optional PersonalEmailAddress

PersonalEmailAddress: undefined | string

The customer’s personal email address.

Optional PhoneNumber

PhoneNumber: undefined | string

The customer’s phone number, which has not been specified as a mobile, home, or business number.

Optional ShippingAddress

ShippingAddress: Address

The customer’s shipping address.