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Interface GetProfileObjectTypeCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional AllowProfileCreation

AllowProfileCreation: undefined | false | true

Indicates whether a profile should be created when data is received if one doesn’t exist for an object of this type. The default is FALSE. If the AllowProfileCreation flag is set to FALSE, then the service tries to fetch a standard profile and associate this object with the profile. If it is set to TRUE, and if no match is found, then the service creates a new standard profile.

Optional CreatedAt

CreatedAt: Date

The timestamp of when the domain was created.


Description: string | undefined

The description of the profile object type.

Optional EncryptionKey

EncryptionKey: undefined | string

The customer-provided key to encrypt the profile object that will be created in this profile object type.

Optional ExpirationDays

ExpirationDays: undefined | number

The number of days until the data in the object expires.

Optional Fields

Fields: Record<string, ObjectTypeField>

A map of the name and ObjectType field.

Optional Keys

Keys: Record<string, ObjectTypeKey[]>

A list of unique keys that can be used to map data to the profile.

Optional LastUpdatedAt

LastUpdatedAt: Date

The timestamp of when the domain was most recently edited.


ObjectTypeName: string | undefined

The name of the profile object type.

Optional SourceLastUpdatedTimestampFormat

SourceLastUpdatedTimestampFormat: undefined | string

The format of your sourceLastUpdatedTimestamp that was previously set up.

Optional Tags

Tags: Record<string, string>

The tags used to organize, track, or control access for this resource.

Optional TemplateId

TemplateId: undefined | string

A unique identifier for the object template.