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Interface ObjectTypeKey

An object that defines the Key element of a ProfileObject. A Key is a special element that can be used to search for a customer profile.


  • ObjectTypeKey



Optional FieldNames

FieldNames: string[]

The reference for the key name of the fields map.

Optional StandardIdentifiers

StandardIdentifiers: (StandardIdentifier | string)[]

The types of keys that a ProfileObject can have. Each ProfileObject can have only 1 UNIQUE key but multiple PROFILE keys. PROFILE, ASSET, CASE, or ORDER means that this key can be used to tie an object to a PROFILE, ASSET, CASE, or ORDER respectively. UNIQUE means that it can be used to uniquely identify an object. If a key a is marked as SECONDARY, it will be used to search for profiles after all other PROFILE keys have been searched. A LOOKUP_ONLY key is only used to match a profile but is not persisted to be used for searching of the profile. A NEW_ONLY key is only used if the profile does not already exist before the object is ingested, otherwise it is only used for matching objects to profiles.