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Interface SearchProfilesCommandInput




Optional AdditionalSearchKeys

AdditionalSearchKeys: AdditionalSearchKey[]

A list of AdditionalSearchKey objects that are each searchable identifiers of a profile. Each AdditionalSearchKey object contains a KeyName and a list of Values associated with that specific key (i.e., a key-value(s) pair). These additional search keys will be used in conjunction with the LogicalOperator and the required KeyName and Values parameters to search for profiles that satisfy the search criteria.


DomainName: string | undefined

The unique name of the domain.


KeyName: string | undefined

A searchable identifier of a customer profile. The predefined keys you can use to search include: _account, _profileId, _assetId, _caseId, _orderId, _fullName, _phone, _email, _ctrContactId, _marketoLeadId, _salesforceAccountId, _salesforceContactId, _salesforceAssetId, _zendeskUserId, _zendeskExternalId, _zendeskTicketId, _serviceNowSystemId, _serviceNowIncidentId, _segmentUserId, _shopifyCustomerId, _shopifyOrderId.

Optional LogicalOperator

LogicalOperator: LogicalOperator | string

Relationship between all specified search keys that will be used to search for profiles. This includes the required KeyName and Values parameters as well as any key-value(s) pairs specified in the AdditionalSearchKeys list.

This parameter influences which profiles will be returned in the response in the following manner:

  • AND - The response only includes profiles that match all of the search keys.

  • OR - The response includes profiles that match at least one of the search keys.

The OR relationship is the default behavior if this parameter is not included in the request.

Optional MaxResults

MaxResults: undefined | number

The maximum number of objects returned per page.

The default is 20 if this parameter is not included in the request.

Optional NextToken

NextToken: undefined | string

The pagination token from the previous SearchProfiles API call.


Values: string[] | undefined

A list of key values.