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Interface UpdateLocationHdfsCommandInput




Optional AgentArns

AgentArns: string[]

The ARNs of the agents that are used to connect to the HDFS cluster.

Optional AuthenticationType

AuthenticationType: HdfsAuthenticationType | string

The type of authentication used to determine the identity of the user.

Optional BlockSize

BlockSize: undefined | number

The size of the data blocks to write into the HDFS cluster.

Optional KerberosKeytab

KerberosKeytab: Uint8Array

The Kerberos key table (keytab) that contains mappings between the defined Kerberos principal and the encrypted keys. You can load the keytab from a file by providing the file's address. If you use the CLI, it performs base64 encoding for you. Otherwise, provide the base64-encoded text.

Optional KerberosKrb5Conf

KerberosKrb5Conf: Uint8Array

The krb5.conf file that contains the Kerberos configuration information. You can load the krb5.conf file by providing the file's address. If you're using the CLI, it performs the base64 encoding for you. Otherwise, provide the base64-encoded text.

Optional KerberosPrincipal

KerberosPrincipal: undefined | string

The Kerberos principal with access to the files and folders on the HDFS cluster.

Optional KmsKeyProviderUri

KmsKeyProviderUri: undefined | string

The URI of the HDFS cluster's Key Management Server (KMS).


LocationArn: string | undefined

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the source HDFS cluster location.

Optional NameNodes

NameNodes: HdfsNameNode[]

The NameNode that manages the HDFS namespace. The NameNode performs operations such as opening, closing, and renaming files and directories. The NameNode contains the information to map blocks of data to the DataNodes. You can use only one NameNode.

Optional QopConfiguration

QopConfiguration: QopConfiguration

The Quality of Protection (QOP) configuration specifies the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and data transfer privacy settings configured on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) cluster.

Optional ReplicationFactor

ReplicationFactor: undefined | number

The number of DataNodes to replicate the data to when writing to the HDFS cluster.

Optional SimpleUser

SimpleUser: undefined | string

The user name used to identify the client on the host operating system.

Optional Subdirectory

Subdirectory: undefined | string

A subdirectory in the HDFS cluster. This subdirectory is used to read data from or write data to the HDFS cluster.