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Interface UpdateLocationSmbRequest




Optional AgentArns

AgentArns: string[]

The Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) of agents to use for a Simple Message Block (SMB) location.

Optional Domain

Domain: undefined | string

The name of the Windows domain that the SMB server belongs to.


LocationArn: string | undefined

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the SMB location to update.

Optional MountOptions

MountOptions: SmbMountOptions

Specifies how DataSync can access a location using the SMB protocol.

Optional Password

Password: undefined | string

The password of the user who can mount the share has the permissions to access files and folders in the SMB share.

Optional Subdirectory

Subdirectory: undefined | string

The subdirectory in the SMB file system that is used to read data from the SMB source location or write data to the SMB destination. The SMB path should be a path that's exported by the SMB server, or a subdirectory of that path. The path should be such that it can be mounted by other SMB clients in your network.

Subdirectory must be specified with forward slashes. For example, /path/to/folder.

To transfer all the data in the folder that you specified, DataSync must have permissions to mount the SMB share and to access all the data in that share. To ensure this, do either of the following:

  • Ensure that the user/password specified belongs to the user who can mount the share and who has the appropriate permissions for all of the files and directories that you want DataSync to access.

  • Use credentials of a member of the Backup Operators group to mount the share.

Doing either of these options enables the agent to access the data. For the agent to access directories, you must also enable all execute access.

Optional User

User: undefined | string

The user who can mount the share has the permissions to access files and folders in the SMB share.