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Interface Node

Represents an individual node within a DAX cluster.


  • Node



Optional AvailabilityZone

AvailabilityZone: undefined | string

The Availability Zone (AZ) in which the node has been deployed.

Optional Endpoint

Endpoint: Endpoint

The endpoint for the node, consisting of a DNS name and a port number. Client applications can connect directly to a node endpoint, if desired (as an alternative to allowing DAX client software to intelligently route requests and responses to nodes in the DAX cluster.

Optional NodeCreateTime

NodeCreateTime: Date

The date and time (in UNIX epoch format) when the node was launched.

Optional NodeId

NodeId: undefined | string

A system-generated identifier for the node.

Optional NodeStatus

NodeStatus: undefined | string

The current status of the node. For example: available.

Optional ParameterGroupStatus

ParameterGroupStatus: undefined | string

The status of the parameter group associated with this node. For example, in-sync.