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Interface Parameter

Describes an individual setting that controls some aspect of DAX behavior.


  • Parameter



Optional AllowedValues

AllowedValues: undefined | string

A range of values within which the parameter can be set.

Optional ChangeType

ChangeType: ChangeType | string

The conditions under which changes to this parameter can be applied. For example, requires-reboot indicates that a new value for this parameter will only take effect if a node is rebooted.

Optional DataType

DataType: undefined | string

The data type of the parameter. For example, integer:

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

A description of the parameter

Optional IsModifiable

IsModifiable: IsModifiable | string

Whether the customer is allowed to modify the parameter.

Optional NodeTypeSpecificValues

NodeTypeSpecificValues: NodeTypeSpecificValue[]

A list of node types, and specific parameter values for each node.

Optional ParameterName

ParameterName: undefined | string

The name of the parameter.

Optional ParameterType

ParameterType: ParameterType | string

Determines whether the parameter can be applied to any nodes, or only nodes of a particular type.

Optional ParameterValue

ParameterValue: undefined | string

The value for the parameter.

Optional Source

Source: undefined | string

How the parameter is defined. For example, system denotes a system-defined parameter.