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Interface Event

An Amazon Web Services resource event. Amazon Web Services resource events and metrics are analyzed by DevOps Guru to find anomalous behavior and provide recommendations to improve your operational solutions.


  • Event



Optional DataSource

DataSource: EventDataSource | string

The source, AWS_CLOUD_TRAIL or AWS_CODE_DEPLOY, where DevOps Guru analysis found the event.

Optional EventClass

EventClass: EventClass | string

The class of the event. The class specifies what the event is related to, such as an infrastructure change, a deployment, or a schema change.

Optional EventSource

EventSource: undefined | string

The Amazon Web Services source that emitted the event.

Optional Id

Id: undefined | string

The ID of the event.

Optional Name

Name: undefined | string

The name of the event.

Optional ResourceCollection

ResourceCollection: ResourceCollection

A collection of Amazon Web Services resources supported by DevOps Guru. The two types of Amazon Web Services resource collections supported are Amazon Web Services CloudFormation stacks and Amazon Web Services resources that contain the same Amazon Web Services tag. DevOps Guru can be configured to analyze the Amazon Web Services resources that are defined in the stacks or that are tagged using the same tag key. You can specify up to 500 Amazon Web Services CloudFormation stacks.

Optional Resources

Resources: EventResource[]

An EventResource object that contains information about the resource that emitted the event.

Optional Time

Time: Date

A Timestamp that specifies the time the event occurred.