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Interface ReactiveAnomaly

Details about a reactive anomaly. This object is returned by ListAnomalies.


  • ReactiveAnomaly



Optional AnomalyReportedTimeRange

AnomalyReportedTimeRange: AnomalyReportedTimeRange

An AnomalyReportedTimeRange object that specifies the time range between when the anomaly is opened and the time when it is closed.

Optional AnomalyResources

AnomalyResources: AnomalyResource[]

The Amazon Web Services resources in which anomalous behavior was detected by DevOps Guru.

Optional AnomalyTimeRange

AnomalyTimeRange: AnomalyTimeRange

A time range that specifies when the observed unusual behavior in an anomaly started and ended. This is different from AnomalyReportedTimeRange, which specifies the time range when DevOps Guru opens and then closes an anomaly.

Optional AssociatedInsightId

AssociatedInsightId: undefined | string

The ID of the insight that contains this anomaly. An insight is composed of related anomalies.

Optional CausalAnomalyId

CausalAnomalyId: undefined | string

The ID of the causal anomaly that is associated with this reactive anomaly. The ID of a `CAUSAL` anomaly is always `NULL`.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

A description of the reactive anomaly.

Optional Id

Id: undefined | string

The ID of the reactive anomaly.

Optional Name

Name: undefined | string

The name of the reactive anomaly.

Optional ResourceCollection

ResourceCollection: ResourceCollection

A collection of Amazon Web Services resources supported by DevOps Guru. The two types of Amazon Web Services resource collections supported are Amazon Web Services CloudFormation stacks and Amazon Web Services resources that contain the same Amazon Web Services tag. DevOps Guru can be configured to analyze the Amazon Web Services resources that are defined in the stacks or that are tagged using the same tag key. You can specify up to 500 Amazon Web Services CloudFormation stacks.

Optional Severity

Severity: AnomalySeverity | string

The severity of the anomaly. The severity of anomalies that generate an insight determine that insight's severity. For more information, see Understanding insight severities in the Amazon DevOps Guru User Guide.

Optional SourceDetails

SourceDetails: AnomalySourceDetails

Details about the source of the analyzed operational data that triggered the anomaly. The one supported source is Amazon CloudWatch metrics.

Optional Status

Status: AnomalyStatus | string

The status of the anomaly.

Optional Type

Type: AnomalyType | string

The type of the reactive anomaly. It can be one of the following types.

  • CAUSAL - the anomaly can cause a new insight.

  • CONTEXTUAL - the anomaly contains additional information about an insight or its causal anomaly.